5 Warning Signs You’re Stuck in a Relationship

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We millennials are well versed with the dating culture.
The shows like Friends and How I met your mother have made us inclined to this concept. 

But unlike them, we can’t keep things casual.
We tend to fall for the person and then start the cycle of viciousness.
After all, we all have a Ted inside our Barneys.  

So, before it gets too late and we hurt ourselves or the other person it is better to see if we are losing track of dating and going into a relationship.
You might even lose your track while reading this but, at times it is important to complete what you started, to unleash the mystery.

1. The person starts noticing your little things 

The person will remember the conversations that were left incomplete.

He will remember the names of your family member.
He will know that when you cry your nose turns red.
Not only that he even knows how many times you use the word ‘literally’ in a conversation. 

It is just like reading a book, if you like a book initially your attention in the story increases.

2. The person will like the things you like

There is a model called the POX model.

It is like a love triangle between you, the person who likes you and the object liked by you.
Even if the person has no or less interest in those things eventually the person will start liking it.

Remember how many times you have hated a café, a book, a movie and later started loving it. Ever thought why?

3. The person gets affected by your action

In school time, remember how you used to get jealous of your friend when he used to call someone else his friend.

The same happens when someone has feelings for you.
That person will easily get affected when you don’t have time to call him but have time to binge-watch when you have time to go for a walk but 2-minute phone calls seems a wasting time.
He will get hurt when you treat him like a casual friend.

He will stare at the phone to get a message from you and a single message from you will actually change his mood.

4. The person apologizes for even your mistakes

In the initial days, nobody wants to destruct the connection he is facing with the other person.

So, every time he thinks he said something offending he, without a second thought, starts apologizing for it.
He will even ignore your mistakes and tend to like them irrespective of how annoying they will get in the future.

Because at that moment he just wants you, with or without your annoying habits.

5. The person will appreciate and compliment you

We, humans, are like flowers.
We need sunlight and water to grow and we face towards the people who provide us with the same.

We unconsciously know how we feel when someone appreciates us, looks beyond our mistakes and the person who might be in love with you will try his best to provide you with love, warmth by giving you compliments on trivial things.

Things even you refuse to notice.


IF you are reading this and you realize “Oh, this is all the things I have been doing lately” then you have been smitten by love.
And if you are getting all this then the other person is going head over heels for you.
But does this mean you are stuck in a relationship?

We tend to think this way because relationships these days have made us believe that they aren’t worth giving a chance. We hide our fears and insecurities in the name of casual dating, but deep down we know even Barney wanted Robin.

If you see any of the above signs in the person you are dating just think to give it a try.
No relationship (be it romantic or not) has been without struggles and compromises but always remember some people are worth those compromises.

Saurav Joshi

Hi, I am Saurav Joshi, an aspiring blogger and a computer science engineering student with a deeper passion for adventure than coding. Life is too short to try everything so this blog is dedicated to those who want the best of everything.

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