Itachi Uchiha | 5 Great reasons why Itachi Uchiha is so popular

Itachi Uchiha

5 Things that makes Itachi Uchiha so popular

Itachi Uchiha is a very popular fictional character from Naruto franchise. He is widely popular and fan favorite thanks to his amazing story and character development. Everyone have different reasons to like Itachi. The top 5 things I like about Itachi are:

1. Itachi is damn cool

Itachi is one of the coolest character in the animeverse. He is smart and good looking shinobi. He don’t like to talk much and is quiet most of the time thus making people wonder about him. Although he talks very less but when he speaks , he speaks very cool lines ( no wonder why his quotes are so famous) .

Beside his mysterious nature , what really makes him cool is his calm and composed nature. He don’t really likes to fight but everyone knows that he is deadly. Instead he finishes most of his fight in just a blink of an eye (he is a genius in genjutsu). That’s why he is popularly referred as the “Itachi of the Sharingan” (Sharingan no Itachi). He also shows cool moves like hitting the shuriken at the blind spot or performing seals with just one hand (which only a few shinobis can do).

2. Itachi is Bright and Smart

Itachi Uchiha is a prodigy (to begin with). He graduated in just a year, at just an age of 7. Not only that , but he achieved the 2nd best score at the academy.

No wonder, he worked as an ANBU captain and that also at a very young age. Itachi is observant and very much reserved. He don’t like wasting his energy in pointless fights. He is excellent in planning battle strategy and predicting next moves. In addition he starts using genjutsu from the very beginning of his fights,and before the opponents realize, they are already in his genjutsu . He broke out from the reanimation jutsu using the Shisui eye which he had implanted in Naruto for the sake of his brother. Sealing Orochimaru’s chakra from Sasuke’s body and implanting amaterasu in such a way to burn Tobi are few examples of his brilliant planning.

3. Itachi is a Badass

Well Itachi is one of the most badass character ever created. He is very skilled, super strong and dangerous. Not only that but he has some of the abilities that can finish an opponent in no time

When he made his first appearance in the anime, Itachi just used one look and Kakashi was nearly dead. Kurenai tried to put Itachi in her genjutsu and the next moment, she was inside his genjutsu.

Not only jonins but even sannins had a hard time dealing with Itachi. Legendary sannin Orochimaru tried to take his body and as soon as Itachi blinked Orochimaru was defeated. Itachi with just one look, left Deidara speechless (who really talks alot). This guy Itachi , blocked Kisame’s Samehada ( sword) with just a kunai!(I mean who does that?)

4. Itachi is Mature and Kind

Itachi was more mature than other people of his age. He witnessed war at a very young age which turned him into a pacifist. At a young age of 7 ,his reasoning skills were just like hokage. He was future focused boy and he loved and cared for his people. His story is really a tragic one where he tried to chose the lesser of two evils.

He showed how his responsibility as a leaf shinobi comes before anything. Although he killed his own people but still he wasn’t able to kill his brother. He endured so much pain and lived his life as a traitor , only for his village and his brother. Itachi went through incredible length to protect his brother and died with a smile in front of him.

5. Itachi is mysterious and surprising

Mystery of Itachi is one of the biggest plot line in Naruto. His theme is also a mysterious one.

Itachi is a very surprising character. He does something or say something mysterious, every time we see him. Not only he amazed Jiraiya by escaping his trap with Amaterasu but he also amazed Orochimaru ,when he sealed him with his Totsuka sword. Everytime he fights, he comes out with a new weapon. He was the first  to show Susano and Mangekyou sharingan in the series. Even when reanimated, he showed us a new technique Izanami and defeated Kabuto.

Itachi Uchiha lived a very mysterious life, he lived like a villain and died as a hero.

What are your reasons to like Itachi? Which anime character do you like the most? Tell us in the comment below.

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