Learn to become successful : The Marshmallow Test

Marshmallow Test being Sucessful

The minute the child is born or even before that, almost every parent has a career plan for the child. Some parents want their child to live their dream, others want them to do something for the country and then the rest wants the child to explore and decide what they actually want.

Well we can’t really change your parents but the good news is; we can help you learn how to climb the ladder of success.

If I give you one marshmallow (or any of your favorite things) right now or I give you two marshmallows (anything you like) after two hours. What will you choose?

One marshmallow right now or the two marshmallows after waiting for two hours?

To answer that, let’s go back to the 1960’s when The marshmallow test was conducted by Stanford on kids where they were given a similar situation.

A kid was called into the room where a marshmallow was kept on the table. The kid was given a deal that either they can have one marshmallow right now or they can wait for 15 minutes and get two marshmallows. 

So, after the instructions the experimenter Walter Mischel left the room for 15 minutes and saw the activities of the child from a hidden camera. 

What did he notice after repeating the experiment with several kids? 

As soon as he left the room some children jumped to grab the marshmallow, others scooted then pulled themselves back but eventually ended up eating the marshmallow and there was a third group of kids who waited for the entire 15 minutes.  

After the experiment, for 40 years the follow up of the kids were taken and  it was found that children who delayed gratification (chose to wait for 15 minutes) scored higher in their SAT exams, have better responses to stress and their social skills were better than the other groups. 

The research concluded; a child who knows to delay gratification will achieve better in life. 

But the question is :

how can this experiment help you to be successful? 

Although it is believed that our personalities are hereditary but with consistency towards a behavior you can actually change it. If you teach this art of delaying gratification to yourself; if you make yourself believe that waiting can get to better things in life, then you can surely climb the ladder to success. 

Tell yourself ; if you skip watching T.V right now, and complete your homework you might get free to watch your favorite movie on Sunday or go out with friends. 

And as our parents say ‘Just complete this and then your life is sorted, trust me it will be sorted if you just keep doing it’ . Because a pot of gold is always more precious than a coin of gold.

Saurav Joshi

Hi, I am Saurav Joshi, an aspiring blogger and a computer science engineering student with a deeper passion for adventure than coding. Life is too short to try everything so this blog is dedicated to those who want the best of everything.

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